• n°29 The European Dream
  • n°28 Wearing out the World
  • n°27 The Twenty-First-Century Polis
  • n°26 Knowledge, critical condition
  • n°25 Architecture in Representations
  • n°24 Public Space
  • n°23 Dealing with the Market
  • n°22 Beauty and Ugliness
  • n°21 The Modern Elan
  • n°20 The Inhabited Silence of Houses
  • n°19 The Space of Time
  • n°18 Silence of light, world conversation
  • n°17 Theory and Project
  • n°16
  • n°15
  • n°14
  • n°13
  • n°12
  • n°11
  • n°10
  • n°9
  • n°8
  • n°7
  • n°6
  • n°5
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A selection of talks later published in Le Visiteur

All rights reserved. No part of those lectures, whether in their written or oral versions, may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the Société Française des Architectes.

The Modern Elan

The Orphaned Word – Karim Basbous

The Unsettling Light – Francois Prodromidès

Domestic Paradise in an Urban Hell – Pierre Gencey